Blue eLiquid by Beard Vape Co


Blue Short Fill eLiquid by Beard Vape Co. is an 80% VG eLiquid that lives to drench your tastebuds in its rejuvenating dance of delight. 

A refreshing cocktail of sliced cucumber, crisp honeydew melon and tantalising tropical flavours, Blue Short Fill eLiquid from Beard Vape Co. takes pleasure in whisking your senses away on an exotic carpet ride of extraordinary pleasure, through mountains, over land and over sea. Refreshing cucumber invigorates your senses, while perfectly ripe, juicy melon reaches through with puffy exuberance and a veil of large aromatic clouds surround you. 

If you love the hydrating tastes of freshly smashed melon and crisp cucumber, Blue eLiquid from Beard Vape Co. provides a taste-bud bathing experience you won’t regret.