Blueberry eLiquid by Jammy Dodger


After a long hard days work there’s nothing worse than coming home to a raided biscuit tin, and wondering how you’re going to get your evening fix. Not to worry, Blueberry eLiquid by Jammy Dodger has got you covered!

Packed full of crumbly biscuit, with a tart yet sweet hint of blueberry, the original Jammy Dodger will be quaking in its boots!

So if you’re ever bored of the original, why not spice it up and grab yourself some Blueberry eLiquid by Just Jams Jammy Dodger range, you won’t regret it, and the empty biscuit tin will be a thing of the past.

A blueberry twist on the original biscuit that everyone loves will blow your mind with the 100ml Blueberry eLiquid by Jammy Dodger.