Cola Burst eLiquid by Indulge short fill eliquid


If you are - or ever were - a fan of fizzy cola bottles, then Cola Burst Short Fill e-liquid is set to be your latest pal! Shake it up, leave off the lid and this one still won’t lose it’s fizz!

Cola Burst eLiquid by Indulge is a unique flavour blend reminiscent of Fizzy Cola and it simply can’t wait to whisk you back to your childhood! Each hit is like a nostalgic burst of diving sticky hands into a big bag of fizzy cola bottles, noshing on Haribo and sipping back cans of cola with Netflix and pizza on the go. For any vaper with a sweet tooth, Cola Burst eLiquid by Indulge is the ultimate dream.

Drenched with the punchy, rip-roaring taste of cola and topped off with a zesty, spine-tingling fizz, you’ll find yourself instantly craving more.