JUUL Starter Kit

Type: Vape Kits

Having absolutely taken over the US market with the Juul pod system, Juul have now taken a jump into the European market. 

For those looking to step into the world of vaping but seeking a device that is stylish and discreet, the search ends here. Simple to use, brain cells will not have to be racked either in order to operate this device. All that needs to be done is pop in the pod and put the cigarettes down!

The Juul Starter Kit includes a Juul rechargeable device, Juul USB charger and four Juul pods. The Juul eLiquid pods flavours included are Golden Tobacco, Glacial Mint, Mango Nectar and Royal Crème. These arrive in a salt nicotine strength of 20mg giving asmooth nicotine hit.