Lemon Custard 50ml eLiquid by IVG Custards

SKU: 7817451234617
Warm and creamy custard with a zesty twist is what you will get with Lemon Custard E-liquid by IVG. This citrusy dessert is a winner!

For those who enjoy both their dessert E-juice and citrus, you no longer have to choose between the two. Smokers Exit are pleased to introduce Lemon Custard E-liquid by IVG Custards.

Lets face it, we have all been caught in that sticky mess of deciding between a vape juice flavour profile. However, you can now have your cake and eat it too with Lemon Custard E-liquid by IVG. Fresh warm custard infused with lemon is the name of the game for this 50ml vape juice.

Lemon Custard E-liquid by IVG Custards arrives in a 60ml vape juice bottle filled with 50ml of 0mg E-juice. Not to worry though, if you fancy a nicotine hit, we will include a free 18mg nicotine booster with your order to give you 3mg of 60ml E-liquid.

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