Mango Ice eLiquid by Twizzer

SKU: 10466
Mango Ice eLiquid by Twizzer goes by the saying better late than never. Who said the Mango Ice success was finished? The hype is back! It looks like summer came early this year with the 80ml Mango Ice short fill eliquid. Twizzer released a winner and because of this you'll be experiencing summer all year round. Imagine having the ripest, juiciest mangoes, squeezing all that flavour into a bottle and taking it back home. The fun doesn't stop there. Now you have to leave this to sit in the fridge for hours before giving it a go. This is exactly what you get with Mango Ice eliquid by Twizzer. For those who thought the mango ice flavoured eliquid couldn't be improved further, you have to try the Mango Ice short fill eliquid by Twizzer. It is beyond cool!

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