White Peach Razz by Bar Juice 5000

SKU: BJ1139

There are some pairings that are just meant to be. Salt and Pepper. Fish and Chips. Strawberries and Cream. But for us, there’s one pairing so fabulous that it is worthy of more attention than it gets: Peach and Raspberry. Our White Peach Razz vape juice brings you the delicate sweet juicy vibes of luscious peaches juxtaposed with the tangy decadent raspberry.

It’s like everything that’s best of festival days and luxury summer moments, and we bring it to you year round with the White Peach Razz 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid.

For a sweet and juicy pairing that always works, enjoy the White Peach Razz Vape Bar Liquid.

Key benefits & features

  • Peaches are fuzzy, spending shouldn’t be. Ditch the White Peach Razz disposable and go cost-effective with a 10ml bottle of White Peach Razz e-liquid as your pod refill
  • Peach and raspberry… mmm natural. We stick to natural flavour in our White Peach Razz vape juice for long-lasting summer bursts.
  • Lower your carbon footprint by ending your White Peach Razz disposable habit. Instead, be sustainable by using the White Peach Razz e-liquid.
  • The 20mg White Peach Razz nic salt helps you manage your cravings by delivering a big nicotine hit smoothly, and without catching the back of your throat.